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Applying For A Loan

Hi there, my name is Becky Suedel. I am excited to share my knowledge about loans and financing on this site. The loan process vets applicants to confirm that they have the means to pay back the total amount borrowed plus fees and other charges. During this time, applicants must produce proof of income and other documents to allow the loan processors to complete the application process. On this site, I hope to help prepare my readers for the loan application process. You can read my content daily to learn about how to qualify for a home or car loan in record time.


4 Tips For Using A Pawn Shop For A Loan

6 January 2021
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Are you considering using a pawn shop to pawn an item to get the cash that you need? If so, it will help to follow these tips when using a pawn shop. Consider Using An Independent Pawn Shop One thing to consider when selecting a pawn shop is to choose an independent pawn shop in your area, rather than one that is part of a bigger chain. You may find that the independently owned pawn shop is going to be more likely to negotiate with you when pawning an item. Read More …

What To Look For In A Checking Account

24 November 2020
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A checking account is a critical part of financial life for many people in the modern world. You might wonder, though, what you should look for in an account. Here are six features you'll want to keep an eye out for. Free It shouldn't be very hard to find a bank that offers a free checking account. However, it is wise to make sure it is truly free. Some accounts include fees for tons of different services, and you should confirm that either you won't need those fee-based services or that they are actually free. Read More …

Which Mortgage Program Should You Use?

13 October 2020
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If you want to apply for a mortgage loan, a lender might ask you what program you want to use. Some people might know what loan program they want, but others might not know. If you are unsure which one you will qualify for, it might help to learn a few things about loan programs and the eligibility requirements. Here are several vital things you should understand as you start preparing to get a mortgage. Read More …

4 Questions You Might Have When Buying A Car With A Loan

14 September 2020
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Most adults have cars that they use to get to all the places they need to go. If you need a vehicle but do not have the cash you need to buy one, you can still purchase one. The only difference is that you must get an auto loan instead of paying cash for the purchase. If you have never had a car loan before, you might have some questions about auto loans. Read More …

When Should You Consider a Merchant Cash Advance?

6 August 2020
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Businesses live and die on their ability to control cash flow. Many companies experience dry spells followed by periods of unusually high income, and this unpredictable revenue can deplete cash on hand or force unsustainable levels of debt. Small businesses that operate seasonally or year-round businesses with peak months can be especially vulnerable to erratic cash flow. Business cash advances (sometimes known as merchant cash advances) offer an alternative to surviving on the whims of fickle consumer habits. Read More …