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Hi there, my name is Becky Suedel. I am excited to share my knowledge about loans and financing on this site. The loan process vets applicants to confirm that they have the means to pay back the total amount borrowed plus fees and other charges. During this time, applicants must produce proof of income and other documents to allow the loan processors to complete the application process. On this site, I hope to help prepare my readers for the loan application process. You can read my content daily to learn about how to qualify for a home or car loan in record time.


3 Reasons Why Taking Out A Personal Loan May Be Better Than A Cash Advance On Your Credit Card

3 June 2022
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Oftentimes people turn to a cash advance through their credit card if they find themselves in need of a little extra money in order to get them through a tough financial time. While this option is used quite often, the fact is that there is a better option that you may wish to consider. This option is taking out a personal loan. Continue reading below to find out more about the top three reasons why choosing to use this option is far more beneficial than taking out a cash advance. Read More …

Mortgage Application: Reasons Why You Might Be Turned Down

5 May 2022
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If you're ready to buy your dream home, you may have gone through the mortgage application process only to get the disheartening news that your application didn't go through. What could have gone wrong? It could be any number of reasons, but some are more common than others. This article discusses some of the most common reasons your mortgage application might be denied. Your Credit Score Isn't Good Enough  A low credit score can significantly impact your ability to access financing, including mortgage loans. Read More …

Buying a Second Rental Property? 5 Tips to Get Financing

22 March 2022
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After successfully entering the landlord business with a rental property, are you ready to grow your business by adding another? This critical juncture involves many new challenges, and one of the first will be securing new financing for additional rental properties. How can you ensure that you're able to qualify for funding and take this leap? Here are a few tips any landlord can apply. 1. Be a Strong Borrower. Read More …

Two Times When It’s Smart To Get A Payday Loan

25 February 2022
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There are many ways to get cash fast when you're short on funds. Some options are better than others, though, depending on the situation. Here are two times when getting a payday loan may be your best one, particularly if you're racing against the clock. The Consequence of Non-Payment is Greater than the Loan Fee It's no secret interest rates for payday loans are high. The average company charges anywhere from $10 to $30 per $100 borrowed, which comes out to about 400 percent interest. Read More …

How Not To End Up Back In Jail After Meeting Bail

26 January 2022
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Using a bail bonding agency to get out of jail is a good move. Bail bonds are far less expensive than the full cost of the bail. However, bail always comes with conditions. Many of those released on bail are so glad to be out of jail that they don't pay enough attention to the details of the bond. Unfortunately, that could mean ending up back in jail before they know it. Read More …