Bail Bondsman — Selection Tips For Those Who Get Locked Up For Duis

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Bail Bondsman — Selection Tips For Those Who Get Locked Up For Duis

17 May 2023
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A pretty common way to get out of jail after being charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) is to use a bail bond. You'll need to find a bondsman to get one though. If you use these search tips, you can be happy with the bondsman you ultimately hire. 

Make Sure They Have DUI Experience

If you want to feel well-supported by your bail bondsman and trust that they know exactly what you're going through during this difficult time in jail, then you might want to hire a bondsman who has plenty of experience with DUIs. 

They should know the legal ramifications of these charges, how much bail is for them, and how to handle them after they become official. Getting out of jail on a bail bond should then be a simple process once the bondsman's fees are paid. 

Find a Bondsman You Trust

Trust is a big part of working with a bail bondsman after getting locked up for a DUI. You're in a vulnerable position, but if you can find a bondsman you trust, you know everything will work out with your legal situation one way or another.

To find a trustworthy bail bondsman, you should look for a couple of things. One of the most important is an official license. A bondsman had to go through legitimate training and pass assessments to earn their license. You'll also know your bondsman is trustworthy if they have many positive client testimonials.

Have Family Member Perform Research That You Can't

Since you're locked up for a DUI charge, you might find it hard to perform extensive research on available bail bondsmen in your area. That's okay because a family member can assess these professionals for you so that you can still hire the best bondsman possible.

At some point, you should be able to make a call to your family from jail. Tell them your situation and then let them research bondsmen who service your area. Their research can pay off in dividends because you'll receive assistance from a bondsman who knows what they're doing at every stage.  

If you get charged with a DUI and are thrown in jail as a consequence, you can get out on a bail bond. Just make sure your bail bondsman is knowledgeable and has an established practice so that you don't have to question anything they do to get your bail bond posted. For more information, contact a company like All Star Bail Bonds.