How Not To End Up Back In Jail After Meeting Bail

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How Not To End Up Back In Jail After Meeting Bail

26 January 2022
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Using a bail bonding agency to get out of jail is a good move. Bail bonds are far less expensive than the full cost of the bail. However, bail always comes with conditions. Many of those released on bail are so glad to be out of jail that they don't pay enough attention to the details of the bond. Unfortunately, that could mean ending up back in jail before they know it. Read on and avoid having to cope with dangerous and uncomfortable jail situations.

Understanding All Bail Conditions

Bail allows those being held pending a court hearing the opportunity to work, be with family, go to school, and more instead of sitting behind bars. Most importantly, though, it allows defendants a better way to plan their defense against the charges. The most important bail condition is to return to court on the appointed day and time. Failing to do that, the judge could issue a bench warrant that might lead to your arrest. Some of the below bail conditions, however, are important but may not be noticed by some out on bail.

Be Careful Who You Associate With

Bail conditions often include a warning not to spend time with the wrong kinds of people. That usually means those who may have been involved in the same crime to which you are accused along with any that have criminal records and particularly those convicted of felonies.

In addition to that, some bail conditions include instructions on staying away from alleged victims in the case. For example, if you have been accused of a crime against a person, you must avoid contact with them at all costs.

Stay Out of Trouble

Being arrested again for any reason may be a violation of a bail condition. Also, some bail conditions mention weapons. Those out on bail should not carry a weapon with them on their person or in their vehicles.

Stay in Contact

You must remain on top of any changes in court appearances. Also, some bail agreements require you to contact your bail bonding agent every so often. If your bail included a cosigner, you may also need to remain in contact with them. If they suspect you won't show up in court, they have the power to revoke your bail and that means going back to jail.

Stay Employed

You will need funds to pay for legal representation, but also the courts tend to favor those employed when determining plea bargains and sentencing. Also, quitting a job might make it appear that you are preparing to flee.

Speak to a bail bonding agent to learn more about bail conditions that might be overlooked.