The Assistance Of A Bail Bonds Company

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The Assistance Of A Bail Bonds Company

20 September 2021
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Going to jail is the common penalty for committing a crime, but sometimes it happens to innocent people who were falsely identified as the actual suspect. Fortunately, the law allows the majority of people who are arrested to get out of jail while they are awaiting a court day and until their case is resolved. However, in order to get out of jail, a bail amount must be paid, and sometimes an arrestee contacts a loved one to pay the bail amount. When an arrestee doesn't know anyone to call to bail him or her out of jail, a bail bonds company can be contacted to provide assistance. This article has answers to frequently asked questions that are useful if you are ever arrested and need to get bailed out of jail.

How Can an Inmate Contact a Bail Bonds Company?

An inmate is able to contact a bail bonds company when they are granted a phone call after getting booked into jail. However, rather than calling a bail bonds company directly, an inmate can opt for calling a loved one and asking him or her to contact a bail bonds company. No matter who contacts the bail bonds company, an inmate should be ready to provide the location of the jail that they are booked into, as well as their full name, booking number, and the amount of money that is needed to get bailed out of jail. Upon contacting a bail bonds company, it might also be necessary to provide some collateral. For example, jewelry, real estate, and vehicles are commonly accepted as collateral.

What Happens After the Bail Amount Has Been Paid?

After the bail amount has been paid, an inmate will be able to get out of jail as soon as possible. However, getting out of jail will not happen instantly because there is a process that must be carried out. For example, the inmate will have to be properly booked out by a staff member at the jailhouse, such as by filling out paperwork. The inmate will also have to return their jail outfit and put on the clothes that they arrived in.

Are There Any Rules After Getting Bailed Out of Jail?

There will be rules to follow after a bail bonds company has bailed an inmate out of jail. For instance, the most important rule will be for the released inmate to not leave town with the intent of fleeing from the law. Basically, a court date will be set and the released inmate must attend court or risk getting arrested by the police, bail bonds company, or bounty hunters.