Preparing For Your Bail Hearing After An Arrest

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Preparing For Your Bail Hearing After An Arrest

16 August 2019
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After getting arrested, the jail may or may not tell you that you can post bail to get out of jail. If they do not have a set bail amount for you, though, you will have to go to court to a bail hearing before you can find out whether you can get out of jail on bail. Getting out of jail by paying bail is not always an option, but it is in most cases. If you will need to attend a bail hearing, here are several things you should know as you prepare to go to it.

The sole purpose of bail

Offering you the option of paying bail is strictly up to the legal system, and the sole purpose of requiring bail is to give the defendant a good incentive to follow through with the legal process by attending all court hearings. Bail is something you can pay to get released right away, but it is not always offered. There are times when a court will deny allowing bail for a person. This is typically when the person is too much of a risk to society or when there is a great risk that the person will flee and avoid court.

The steps that occur at the hearing

During a bail hearing, several things will take place, and one of the things is that the judge will look up you and your record. A judge will do this to make sure that there are no existing warrants for your arrest from other counties, as well as to get an idea of your criminal record. The judge will use this information to determine if you should be offered bail.

During this hearing, you will get the chance to voice your opinions in the matter. If you really need to be released from jail so that you can go to work to support your family, you can tell this to the judge. The judge may use this information in the decision he or she makes about your bail.

Your options if the judge approves bail

The judge will then make a decision about your bail. If the judge denies it, you will have to remain in jail. If the judge approves it, you can either pay the bail with your own money or use a bail bondsman for a loan.

If you are in jail and need help getting out, the best and easiest solution is to contact a bail bondsman for assistance. You can call at any time of day or night for help if you are stuck in jail and need help getting out.