4 Common Bail Bond Mistakes To Avoid

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4 Common Bail Bond Mistakes To Avoid

30 October 2017
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Being arrested can be a scary situation for anybody, regardless of innocence or guilt. Often times, when a person is arrested, they are issued a bail by the judge; by paying the required bail amount, the inmate can be released from jail prior to his or her court hearing. For those who cannot afford to pay bail out-of-pocket, bail bond companies offer short-term loans to help people get out of jail.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a bail bond, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid, such as:

Not Reading the Terms and Conditions

Always start by carefully reading the terms and conditions of your bail bond. Yes, you may be stressed out and understandably anxious to get out of jail, so you may be tempted to sign without reading. However, it's important for you to know exactly what you're agreeing to, when you'll be required to re-pay your bail amount, and what kinds of consequences can result if you fail to make those payments.

Providing Incorrect Contact Information

You will be required to provide your name, address, and contact phone number in order to receive a bail bond. It is vital that you provide your current information; otherwise, your bond could be in jeopardy. If your contact information changes at any time after you're released from jail but before you pay off your bail bond, you'll need to contact your bond company and let them know right away.

Going Out-of-State While on Bail

While you will most likely be able to travel while out on bail, there are situations where this may not be permitted and could put your bail in jeopardy. Even if you are permitted to travel, make sure you let your bail bond company know.

Taking Advantage of a Family Member

If you needed a family member or friend to sign off on your bond in order to receive bail, remember that they can legally remove their name from the contract at any time, which could require you to go back to jail until your court date. With that in mind, it's in your best interest to treat your family member or friend with respect and to not do anything that could jeopardize your relationship with him or her.

By being careful to avoid these common bail bond mistakes, you'll be in a better place should you ever get arrested and need help making bail. Contact a 24-hour bail bondsman for more information.