Tips For Getting An Auto Loan When You Don't Have Time To Clean Up Your Credit Or Save Cash For A Car

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Tips For Getting An Auto Loan When You Don't Have Time To Clean Up Your Credit Or Save Cash For A Car

12 September 2017
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In an ideal situation, you'd pay cash for a new car, but that's not very realistic since cars cost so much money. You may need a car fast so you can keep working and so you can avoid breaking down on the road. You might not have time to save the cash or to get your credit score in a good rating. Here are a few tips that may help you get the auto loan you need:

Buy An Inexpensive Car For The Short Term

You might have an easier time getting a car loan if you borrow a lower amount of money. You might have to buy an older, used car rather than the new car you want. One advantage is the payments will probably be lower and you'll pay off the car quicker. During this time you'll have reliable transportation and you can work to save money towards a newer and better car when your credit score improves or when you have a higher down payment.

Come Up With A Large Down Payment

An auto lender may look more favorably on you if you have a large down payment for the car. You might not have enough money to buy the car outright, but coming up with as much cash as you can will help you get a loan when your credit is less than perfect or if your income is low. If you have good credit and excellent income, a down payment may not be necessary at all if you can work out a good deal, but if you need an edge to qualify for a loan, try to gather as much cash as you can to put toward the car.

Get A Co-Signer

Although it might not be easy, you might get a lower interest rate and be able to qualify for a loan if you can get a co-signer. Being a co-signer is a big risk for the person doing it because they are on the hook for the loan if they don't want their credit ruined. A co-signer will probably be someone close to you like a spouse or parent. The co-signer will need good credit to help you qualify for the loan. A co-signer may be necessary if your credit is bad or if you are unemployed or have low income in relation to your other debts.

Although applying for an auto loan may seem scary if you are not yet financially secure and established, the process may not be as difficult as you think. Know where you stand by gathering your stats such as monthly income, debts, and credit score. An auto lender will usually work with you to come up with loan terms you can manage. Some even specialize in high-risk loans, although these come at a higher interest rate.

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